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The Pennsylvania Child Support Calculator provides an easy approach for calculating how much you will pay or receive for child support.

Important Information About Pennsylvania Child Support
The child support process can be a very stressful one. Pennsylvania has one of the highest chld support guidelines in the country. Also the Pennsylvania Child Support guidelines have changed and new guidelines came into effect on January 27, 2006. The Pennsylvania Child Support Calculator is currently the only calculator that has these new modifications built in giving you an accurate estimation of what you may have to pay or what you may receive. Just $21.95.

What are the new Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines?
  • Support is now based off monthly net income, as if both parents lived in the same household.
  • Before Health insurance was credited on net, now it is deducted. Monthly Net Income Chart is now used.
  • Major changes for high income parents and lower income payments.
  • Under certain conditions support reduced by an average of $120 per month.

What You Can Expect
The Pennsylvania Child Support Calculator completes your calculations in minutes providing you with a detail printout of what you can expect in your conference.

Who is this for?
The Pennsylvania Child Support Calculator is for anyone wanting to obtain the information on either how much child support they will receive or how much child support they will be required to pay. Or provides existing child support payors or receivers information on what they will now be entitled to. In addition the Pennsylvania Child Support Calculator provides ease of mind and puts less stress on you for one reason: You will have a valid estimation on what the bottom line numbers will be.

How do use the software? After you order the software, you will receive it as soon as your payment is processed. Then it will guide you through and automated installation process. Once installed you launch the application and it is ready to go. Input your information and see the results. Then when your done come over to our and post your child support experiences.

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